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Geocaching at HPL

A geocaching tool and a man holding a GPS unit in nature.

Take inspiration from our Hamilton Reads book Blaze Island -- set in a small, isolated island in Newfoundland ­­-- and explore the waterfront in our community.

Start by downloading onto your smartphone a free Geocaching app. (Geocaching uses GPS coordinates to find hidden caches.) You will need to create an online account to start the game.

In the app, follow the Hamilton Reads 2021 Blaze Island Geocache Trail. Once you find the cache, sign your name in the logbook to join a community of urban adventurers.

Next, access the Hamilton Reads 2021 Geocache Trail list. It has 20 caches on or near the Hamilton waterfront. Each cache has a unique code. Copy and paste the code into the geocaching app’s search feature. When the cache page opens, click Navigate and your smartphone GPS will take you to within a few feet of the cache hiding spot. Happy hunting!

Each cache has a description and hint. You can also find more clues in the activity log where all past cacher logs are posted. If you’re really stuck, message HPL on the app.

A geocaching tool in the wild.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide activity enjoyed by about three million active participants who hunt for caches others have hidden in and around the community. There are over eight million caches hidden in 191 countries on seven continents (including Antarctica).

What is Geocaching? (1:15 video) Help Centre

Does it cost to participate?

No. Memberships to the platform is free.

Important information

Individual geocaches are owned by the person(s) who physically placed the it and/or submitted the listing to HPL’s Geocache Trail uses existing geocaches and assumes the individual(s) who have placed the cache has done so with the knowledge and permission of the property owner(s) and has followed the rules, requirements and guidelines set out by is a third-party website owned and operated by Groundspeak Inc., the primary facilitator for the Geocaching community worldwide. Please be advised’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement applies to your use of these services. The links to are provided for participation and informational purposes only, and they do not indicate the Hamilton Public Library’s endorsement, sponsorship of, or affiliation with or Groundspeak Inc. or content of those websites, including any advertisements that may be posted