Black Mount Collection

Ontario Furniture Company Fire, April 13, 1948
Ontario Furniture Company Fire, 1948-04-13

This is the most used collection in Local History & Archives, as it is indexed in the department's "Where-To-Look." The images are arranged alphabetically by location (Ancaster, Barton, Hamilton, etc.) and then alphabetically by subject heading (Banks, Grocery Stores, Portraits, Schools, Streets, etc). Within each subject heading, they are arranged alphabetically by name, and then within each named unit, chronologically by date.

It is only the broad subject heading or name heading that is indexed in the "Where-To-Look." Other information, such as the names of stores on a King Street photograph, is not indexed.

Some of the photographs were copied by the HPL photographer. In cases where a negative exists, the negative number will be written on the back of the mount on the security label.

The entire Black Mount collections consists of roughly 20,000 images, ranging in date from the 1850's to the present.