Fenian Invasion

Veterans of the Fenian Raids
Veterans of the Fenian Raids


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Fenian Invasions Scrapbook, 1865-1870
Newspaper clippings from The Hamilton Spectator
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The Fenian Raid at Fort Erie, June the First and Second, 1866: with a Map of the Niagara Peninsula, Shewing the Route of the Troops; and a Plan of the Lime Ridge Battle Ground.Toronto: W.C. Chewett & Co., King Street East. 1866
R971.064 C428 CESC

The Irish Position in British and in Republican North America. A Letter to the Editors of the Irish Press irrespective of party By the Hon. Thomas D’Arcy McGee, Minister of Agriculture and Emigration, Canada. Montreal: M. Longmoore & Co., Printing House, 1866
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Narrative of the Fenian Invasion, of Canada, by Alexander Somerville, with a Map of the Field of Combat, at Limestone Ridge. Hamilton, C.W.: Published for the author by Joseph Lyght, Bookseller and Stationer. Printed by A. Lawson & Co., 1866
R971.064 So54 CESH

Ridgeway. An Historical Romance of the Fenian Invasion of Canada. By Scian Dubh Buffalo: McCarroll & Co., 1868

Correspondence relating to the Fenian Invasion, and the Rebellion of the Southern States, Printed by Order of Parliament Ottawa: Printed by Hunter, Rose & Company, 1869
R971.048 C16 CESC

The Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba. Transaction No. 32 – Season 1887-8. The Abortive Fenian Raid on Manitoba. Account by one who knew its secret history. A paper read before the society, May 11, 1888. by Hon. Gilbert McMicken, second vice-president of the Society. Winnipeg: Manitoba Free Press Print. 1888
R971.071 M228 CESC

The Fenian Raid” (pg. 83-118) in Soldiering in Canada. Recollections and Experiences by Lt.-Col. George T. Denison. London: Macmillan & Co., 1900
R354.719 D416 CESC

Fenian Raid 1866. With Lieut.-Col. J. Stoughton Dennis At Fort Erie June 2 By Stephen Beatty Late Corporal W.C.F.B. Copyrighted 1910 In the Department of Agriculture, Canada
R971.048 BEA CESC

Troublous Times in Canada. A History of The Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870. By Capt. John A. Macdonald (A Veteran of 1866 and 1870) Copyright, Canada, 1910, by John A. Macdonald Toronto: Printed by W.S. Johnston & Co., 1910
R971.064 MAC CESC

First Annual Report of the Waterloo Historical Society Berlin, Canada: Published by the Society, 1913 “Experiences of a Queen’s Own Rifleman at Ridgeway” by Capt. Fred H. McCallum, New Hamburg” pg. 112-118
R971.344 WAT CESC

Welland County Historical Society Papers and Records, Vol. II. Being a group of papers presented at the meetings of the society in the year 1925 Welland, Canada: Printed by the Welland Tribune and Telegraph, Ltd., 1926 “The Fenian Raid of 1866, by General E.A. Cruikshank, LL.D., F.R.S.C., F.R. Hist. S” pg. 9 “Recollections of the Battle of Ridgeway, by J.F. Dunn” pg. 50 “The Fenian Raid in Willoughby, by George Wells” pg. 57 “My Recollections of the Fenian Raid, by M.G. Sherk” pg. 60 “Personal Experiences in the Fenian Rais, by Albert W. Reavely, Gunner, W.C.F.B.” pg. 66 “Recollections of the Fenian Raid, by N. Brewster, M.D.” pg. 75 “A Romance of the Raid, by George Wells” pg. 80 “Sam Johnston, Smuggler, Soldier, and Bearer of News, by Louis Blake Duff” pg. 82
R971.338 WEL CESC volume 2

Booker, Alfred Jr. entry in the Dictionary of Hamilton Biography, volume 1 pg. 21-3
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