Historical Records of the City of Hamilton

Records of the City of Hamilton
Records of the City of Hamilton


This guide has been prepared to provide researchers with outlines of the principal responsibilities and administrative histories of the civic departments of Hamilton and concise descriptions of historical records retained by the city. No assessment has been made of the long-term or informational value of the material. Funding was provided by the Social Services and Humanities Research Council of Canada and McMaster University. Carolyn Gray researched and prepared the histories and records entries with research assistance from Stephen Davies.

C. Gray

McMaster University

20 January 1986


In the decades since Historical Records of the City of Hamilton, 1847-1973, was first published, there has been increased interest in all aspects of the history of Hamilton. The guide has proven invaluable in alerting researchers to the wealth of archival material which was generated by Hamilton from the time of its incorporation as a city until the advent of regional government. It is hoped that this on-line version of Historical Records will be similarly useful.

This updated version of the guide reflects changes in the custody of records which have occurred since 1986: several series of records, formerly stored at City Hall and other municipally-owned sites, have been incorporated into the holdings of the Hamilton Public Library, Local History & Archives. It also includes the existing records of the Town of Hamilton from 1833 until its 1846 incorporation as a city.


Record Groups in Numerical Sequence

RG1 -- Minutes

RG2 -- By-laws

RG3 -- Committees

RG4 -- Mayor

RG5 -- Board of Control

RG6 -- City Clerk

RG7 -- City Solicitor

RG8 -- Treasury

RG9 -- Assessment

RG10 -- Police

RG11 -- Fire

RG12 -- Health

RG13 -- Hospitals

RG14 -- Personnel

RG15 -- Building

RG16 -- Engineering and Works

RG17 -- Industrial Commissioner

RG18 -- Parks

RG19 -- Culture and Recreation

RG20 -- Architect

RG21 -- Planning

RG22 -- Traffic

RG23 -- Real Estate

RG24 -- Community Development

RG25 -- Purchasing

RG26 -- Property