Local History and Archives Policy

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the mandate, scope and objectives of the Hamilton Public Library’s Local History and Archives collection and archival activities and the authority under which the department operates. 

This policy articulates the key objectives with respect to the acquisition, preservation and access to materials in the Local History and Archives collection which will reflect the Mission Statement and Strategic Priorities of the Hamilton Public Library. The policy outlines process and expectation to assure transparency, accountability and preservation of trust so that members, donors, researchers, library staff and other key stakeholders may better understand archival principles and practice. 

Key Points Summary

  • The library’s Local History and Archives Policy outlines the key principles and key objectives of the library’s archival collection development and access. 

  • A central role of Local History and Archives is to collect, preserve and make accessible materials which illustrate the history of the Hamilton area and its peoples. 

  • The Local History and Archives policy outlines the key criteria for the acquisition, access and de-accessioning of archival materials.  


Accession is the formal acceptance into custody and recording of an acquisition. 

Acquisition is an addition to the holdings of a repository. 

De-accession is the removal of material from the holdings of a repository.