Local History and Archives Rules of Use

Evans photograph album in the archives
Evans Photo-Album in the archives

The following is an outline of the member's responsibilities in partnering with staff to preserve the Local History and Archives (LHA) collection.
The LHA Reading Room is designated as a quiet study area. Seating priority will be given to individuals using material from the collections of LHA. We ask that you please conduct phone or group conversations outside of the room. Staff will be happy to direct you to an appropriate area.
Researchers are reminded that they are working with historical records, which are unique and often fragile. Please adhere to the following requirements while handling this material:

  • A maximum of six containers or volumes will be supplied at one time

  • Please do not remove any materials from the Reading Room

  • Please consult with a staff member prior to photocopying documents

  • Disable flash functionality on your digital camera prior to taking photographs

  • For preservation reasons, the use of digital scanners is prohibited

  • With the exception of bottled water in a covered container, eating and drinking are not permitted in the Reading Room; this includes chewing gum and candy.

  • No marks of any kind are to be made on any of the material.  Please use pencils to take notes.

  • Please avoid placing notepads on top of materials or leaning directly on archival records. Tracing maps or other records, or the use of “post-it” or other self-sticking notes, staples or paper clips on archival records is not permitted.

  • Please leave archival records flat on the table surface as much as possible. Avoid letting records overhang past the table's edge.

  • Please handle records carefully and deliberately with both hands to ensure the safety of the record.  We advise moving the records by sliding them from one pile to another.

  • Please use the white cotton gloves provided when handling non-textual materials.

  • It is imperative that the order of the archival records you are using remains intact. Please do not change the order of the files within a container, or items within a file.

Please consult with LHA staff if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for using the Hamilton Public Library.