Flashbacks uniquely explores the city's bygone days with stories, interviews, tours of landmarks, historical photos and each episode features one of Mark's songs about the theme of the show. Hosted by HPL Archivist Margaret Houghton and reporter Mark McNeil, Flashbacks is a collaboration between Cable 14, The Spectator and the Hamilton Public Library.  (source: Cable 14 website)

Mark McNeil won the 2016 Multimedia Journalism award during the 2016 Ontario Newspapers Award for his work on Flashbacks. "McNeil breathes new life into Hamilton history through skilful use of each platform’s strengths: crisply written narratives and engaging quizzes in print, interactive web storytelling, and compelling local television and on-demand video. Flashbacks truly makes the past come alive.” (62nd Annual Ontario Newspaper Awards)

Flashbacks episodes can also be viewed on the Hamilton Spectator Stories website along with the in-depth features that Mark has written about the episodes.

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5