• three images side by side of the Local History and Archives department
    Visit Central Library's 3rd Floor during open hours.
  • Last council meeting in old City Hall, 1960

    Use of Images

    Overview of how and when it's appropriate to use PreVIEW images.

  • Housing in Downtown Hamilton

    Tax Assessment Records

    Tax assessment records can help in accurate dating of the construction of the building as well as disclosing the original owner and a list of occupants.

  • New House in Westdale

    Research Your House

    Research your house with our wealth of resources useful in historical building research.

  • Records of the City of Hamilton

    Historical Records of the City of Hamilton

    Historical records for the City of Hamilton

  • City Directories

    City Directories show an alphabetical listing of street addresses which can be cross-referenced with an alphabetical listing of surnames.

  • Historypin

    Local History and Archives on Historypin

    Historypin is an image-mapping project using archival photographs

  • Dr. Annie Davis' Medical Kit

    Rare and Unusual

    There are many rare and wonderful treasures in Local History and Archives.

  • Where-To-Look Catalogue

    The "Where-to-Look" Index

    This amazing resource is an up-to-date source for finding information about Hamilton in Local History and Archives

  • Evans Photo-Album in the archives

    Local History and Archives Rules of Use

    Local History and Archives Rules of Use: an outline of member's responsibilities in partnering with staff to preserve the Local History and Archives collection

  • Students using an old-style phone at the Bell Homestead.

    Where is LHA?

    Visit Local History and Archives at Central Branch, 3rd floor.

  • Map cabinet


    These plans are valuable maps for building research. They are large scale maps that show shape, size and exact location of individual buildings. They provide detail about the construction materials, outbuildings and neighbourhood.

  • Hamilton Parks Police

    Parks Police

    In the early 1940's, vandalism and other occurrences began to increase in frequency in the parks. Fred Marshal, one of Hamilton's parks superintendents, worked to reverse this trend.

  • Gore Park, 1870s

    History of Gore Park

    Gore Park has been a meeting place for Hamiltonians since the early 1800s.

  • Townships in Wentworth County

    Chronology of Cities, Towns and Townships in Hamilton

    A Chronology of Cities, Towns and Townships in Hamilton, from their original survey and naming, through to the present City of Hamilton.