Books from the Spectator Library

Seventy-four (74) books were transferred to Local History & Archives [then Special Collections] from the Spectator Library in 1990. The majority are local church histories. They are arranged alphabetically and numbered for access. The call number in the square brackets following the title refers to a catalogued copy of the same book held by Local History & Archives.


1. Anderson, F. Keith & John B. McMillan

A History of James Street Baptist Church. 125th Anniversary Edition. 1844- 1969.

Hamilton: 1969

[R286 J237a CESH]


2. Bailey, T. Melville et al

The Presbytery of Hamilton: 1836-1967

[2 copies]

[R285.271352 PRE ESC]


3. Barclay, William

A Century of Beginnings. 1841-1941

Toronto: Presbyterian Publications, [1941]

[R285.2713 C333b CESH]


4. Barton, Bruce

Centenary United Church



5. Beaton, Kenneth J.

Growing with the years. United Church of Canada. 1925-1950

Toronto: United Church of Canada, [1950]

[R287.92 B38 CESH]


6. Blaine,William E.

"Ride Through the Garden of Canada" A Short History of the Hamilton, Grimsby and Beamsville Electric Railway Company. 1894-1931



7. Bower, R.R.C.

Preliminary Report to Committee of City Council Re Proposed Purchase of the Hamilton Street Railway from the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario



8. Brearly, Rev. E.W.

Centennial Souvenir Booklet. Pilgrim United Church of Canada. Organized as First Congregational Church October twenty-first, 1835



9. Bromley, Ada & Jean Powell

History of Trinity United Church. 1801-1971



10. Campbell, William

The History of Knox Presbyterian Church


[R285 K779c CESH]


11. Centenary Church

The Centenary Church. The United Church of Canada. 1868-1968

[R289 C333c CESH]


12. Centenary United Church

Jubilee of the Centenary Church. 1868-1918


[R287.92097135 CEN CESH]


13. Centenary United Church

100 Years



14. Christ Church, West Flamboro

Centennial Christ Church, West Flamboro. 1865-1965

[R283-913 W52c CESH]


15. Christ's Church Cathedral

The Order for the Consecration and Enthronement of The Very Reverend Walter Edward Bagnall, B.A., D.D. As Seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Niagara in Christ's Church, Hamilton on The Feast of Saint Matthew Being September 21, 1949.


16. Church of St. Peter

"Ye Shall Hallow the Fiftieth Year" 1890-1940. Church of St. Peter. A brief History of the Parish from 1890 to 1940. to commemorate the Jubilee of the Church October 1st 1940.

[R283.713 P442 CESH]


17. Crossan, James

A Curling Odyssey and The Hamilton Thistle Club



18. Delta United Church

Delta United Church. 25th Anniversary. 1929-1954



19. Donovan, Rev. P.J.

The Golden Jubilee. A Short Story of St. Patrick's Parish, Hamilton Ontario. Published on the Occasion of Its Fiftieth Anniversary. July 3rd, 1927


[R282.713 D719 CESH]


20. Duff, Louis Blake

Welland Ship Canal Inauguration



21. Editorial Committee, Hamilton Horticultural Society

Centennial Year Book and Garden Guide. 1850-1950



22. Erskine Presbyterian Church

Erskine Presbyterian Church. Semi-Jubilee, 1880-1905


23. Farmer, Mary Harrington

The Church of the Ascension. A Short History 1850-1950

Hamilton: May, 1950

[R283.713 As22f CESH]


24. Farmer, T.W.D.

Our Heritage - St. John's. A Sesquicentennial Publication By St. Johns' Anglican Church Ancaster, Ontario. 1816-1966


25. Firth, J.M. et al

Fifty Years with St. Giles - Hamilton. 1908 - 1958



26. Frost, Russell W.

Concerning McMaster. The University's Past and Present in Facts and Figures

Dec. 1947


27. Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art

Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art. 1857-1932. 75th Anniversary Meeting. Held in the Bruce Room, Hamilton Art Gallery. April 22, 1932


28. Hamilton Association for the Cultivation of Literature Science and Art

No. XXX. Sessions 1918-19 to 1921-22


29. Hamilton Fire Department

A Century of service. Hamilton Fire Department. 1867-1967


30. Hamilton Fire Department

History of the Fire Department of Hamilton



31. Hamilton Institute of Technology

Technology and Business Courses. Academic Year 1966-1967


32. Hamilton Presbytery Mission Council

The Inner City Church in Hamilton. 1962-1964.


33. Hamilton Scientific Association

Proceedings of the Jubilee Celebration of the Hamilton Scientific Association Held at the Hamilton Conservatory of Music November 8th, 1907. 1857-1907


34. Hillfield College

Education on the Move! A New Campus for Hillfield College and Strathallan School to Strengthen Independent Education in the Hamilton Area.



35. The Hudson Bay Route and Port of Churchill

Regina: 1936


36. Jamieson, John

From Wentworth Mission to St. Andrews Church. 1856-1935


[R285 An27j CESH]


37. Kerr, Hon. George A.

Green Paper. Sunday as a Common Day of Rest and Uniform Store Hours

December 1973


38. Ketchen, Beverly

A Brief and Fragmentary History of MacNab Street Presbyterian Church, Hamilton. 1854-1954


[R285 M231br CESH]


39. Kirkwall Church [Beverly Township]

Kirkwall Church and Community. 1833-1933

Galt: [1933]


40. Knox Presbyterian Church

Knox Church. Perspective and Retrospective. Men's Adult Bible Class



41. Luxton, Very Rev. G.N. et al

Our Heritage

n.p., n.d.


42. McGeary, Daniel et al

A Continuing Adventure. 140th Anniversary. 1824-1964. First United Church, Hamilton, Ontario.



43. McKee, Mrs. S.G.E.

Jubilee History of the Ontario Women's Christian Temperance Union. 1877- 1927



44. McMaster University

A Frank Statement. Its Origin. Development. Present Status. and Future Needs

February, 1944


45. Mackay, Frances

The First History of Freedom of Worship in the Town and Township of Niagara. 1640- 1962



46. A Member of the Congregation

The History of St. George's Church. Hamilton, Ontario. 1890-1940


47. Mutch, Rev. John

The Windows of Melrose United Church.


[R289 M493 CESH]


48. New, Chester and George P. Gilmour

Centenary History of James Street Baptist Church.

Hamilton: Privately printed for James Street Baptist Church, 1944

[R286 N42 CESH]


49. Nichols, T.E. et al

The History of the Diocese of Niagara to 1950 A.D. Published at Hamilton, Ontario, on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Creation of the Diocese of Niagara in 1875.

May 1950

[R283.71 C476 CESH]


50. O'Neil, J.G.

A Hundred Years. The Parish of St. Thomas. A History Prepared for the congregation of the Church of St. Thomas, Hamilton, by the Anniversary Committee

Hamilton, November 1957


51. O'Neil, J.G. and John D. Gilmour

The Years of Renewal. The History of the Parish of St. Thomas. 1857-1970

Hamilton: October 1970

[R283.713 T361 CESH]


52. Philpott Memorial Church

90th Anniversary. 1892-1982


[R289.9 PHI CESH]


53. Philpott Tabernacle

Golden Jubilee. 1892-1942. Philpott Tabernacle


[R289.2 P549 CESH]


54. Plewman, H.E.

The Story of Ryerson United Church. Golden Jubilee Anniversary. 1908-1958

Hamilton: Anniversary Committee, [1958]

[R289 R981p CESH]


55. Port of Hamilton Annual Report. Hamilton Harbour Commissioners. 1938


56. Postal Organization of Hamilton

Souvenir Commemorate the Opening of Hamilton's new Dominion Public Building on September 21st, 1936


57. St. Catharines

St. Catherine Ontario and the Welland Ship Canal. The Open Door to Canadian and British Empire Markets.



58. St. Cuthbert's Presbyterian Church

Our Church - Our Challenge



59. St. James Anglican Church, Dundas

Fountain Come Forth. The Anglican Church and the Valley Town of Dundas. 1784-1963


[R283.713 D914 CESH]


60. St. John the Evangelist

The Church of St. John the Evangelist. Founded A.D. 1890. 57 Years of Parish History.


[R283.713 J613 CESH]


61. St. John's Church, Jordan

History of St. John's Church Jordan and the Parish of Louth. Published on the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of the Congregation of St. John's Church. 1841.


[R283.713 J767 CESH]


62. St. Matthews Church

A brief history of...St. Matthew's Church on the Plains Aldershot, Ontario. 90th Anniversary. 1861-1951


[R283.713 AL23 CESH]


63. Shaw, W.J.

A Century of Service. St. Andrew's - St. Paul's. 1833-1933


[2 copies]

[R285 Sh26 CESH]


64. Spalding, Lloyd (comp.)

The History and Romance of Education. 1819-1935


65. Steel Company of Canada

Let's Make Steel



66. Steel Company of Canada Ltd.

Hamilton Works. Welcomes You as a Visitor



67. Steel Company of Canada Ltd.

Stelco Flashes (June 1950) 40 Years of Service to Canada


68. Steel Company of Canada Ltd.

The 25th Milestone. A Brief History of Stelco. 1910-1935



69. Stopps, Leonard & Elizabeth

Livingstone United Church "Within these walls". Design details and description of Plaques of church symbols used in decorating the church Sanctuary. 75th Anniversary.

Hamilton: 1964


70. Taylor, Andrew W.

Banners Unfurled. The History of First United Church, Galt, Canada. 1824-1949



71. Vincent, H.S. and C.S. Young

Fiftieth Anniversary. Laidlaw United Church. "1912-1962"



72. Welland Ship Canal

The Opening of The Welland Ship Canal. A Canadian Conception. A Canadian Achievement. August Sixth - Nineteen Thirty Two



73. Wesley United Church

Centennial of Wesley United Church. Hamilton, Ontario. 1839-1939


[R287 W516 CESH]


74. Williams, Rev. Waldemar

Anniversary Services. 25 Years. 1930-1055. Westdale United Church of Canada


[R289 W522 CESH]