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Keefer Pamphlets – D – E

Dearborn, W.L.
Description of a Rail Road Route from St. Louis to San Francisco, in letters to P.P.F. Degrand, From W.L. Dearborn, Civil Engineer. 1849.
Boston: Dutton and Wentworth, Printers, 1850
vol. 9 #8
mf #863


Derby E.H.
Boston: A Commercial Metropolis in 1850. Her Growth, Population, Wealth and Prospects. As Originally Published in Hunt's Merchant's Magazine for November, 1850
Boston: Redding & Co., 1850
vol. 3 #21
mf #846


A Description of the Improved Iron Truss Bridge, Invented by Nathaniel Rider. Patented 1845.
New York: Printed by Edward O. Jenkins, 1848
vol. 9 #10
mf #863


Ellet, Charles Jr.
A Popular Notice of Suspension Bridges with a Brief Description of the Wire Bridge Across the Schuylkill at Fairmont.
Philadelphia: John C. Clark, Printer, 1843
[18 + illus.]
vol. 9 #1
mf #863


The European and North American Railway.
Report to the Senate of Maine and Memorial to Congress.
[1852] []
vol. 3 #25
mf #846