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Keefer Pamphlets - T – V

A Tabular Representation of the Present Condition of Boston, in Relation to Railroad Facilities, Foreign Commerce, Population, Wealth, Manufactures, etc., etc. Also, a few statements relative to the Commerce of the Canadas. Prepared from the most reliable sources, under the direction of a sub-committee from the joint special committee on the railroad celebration, to take place September 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1851; with a map
Boston: J. H. Eastburn,1851
vol. 2 #4
mf #845


Tibbits, George M.
Letter from George M. Tibbits to the friends of the Troy and Boston Rail-Road.
[n.p., n.d.]
vol. 8 #10
mf #862


United States. House of Representatives
Speech of Hon. Joseph R. Chandler, of Pennsylvania, on the Collins Line of American Steamers, Delivered in the House of Representatives, July 6, 1852
Washington: Printed by Jno. T. Towers, 1852
vol. 10 #16
mf #864


United States. Senate
The State of the Country. Speech of William H. Seward, in the United States Senate, February 29, 1860
vol. 10 #17
mf #864


Van Cortlandt, Edward
Author’s Copy. Observations on the Building Stone of the Ottawa Country, Being the Abridgment of A Lecture Delivered before the Ottawa Silurian Society, The 15th November, 1859 by Edward Van Cortlandt, Honorary member of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, Late Consulting Physician to the Ottawa General Hospital, and Consulting Physician to the County of Carlton Protestant Hospital. Published under the auspices of the Ottawa Silurian Society, and By Order of the City Council
Ottawa: Ottawa “Citizen” Steam Printing Establishment, 1860
vol. 3 #16
mf #846


Vermont Central Railroad Company
Sixth Annual Report of the Directors and Treasurer of the Vermont Central Railroad Company, Prepared for the Stockholders’ Meeting, August 27, 1851
Montpelier: E.P. Walton & Son, Printers
[27, 1]
vol. 6 #4
mf #861


The Victoria Bridge at Montreal, Canada, Who is Entitled to the Credit of Its Conception? Or, A Short History of Its Origin by a Canadian.
London: John King & Co., 1860
vol. 1 #7
mf #844