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McAfee Collection

Militia Rolls

Captain Hatt’s Company of Volunteers. A part of the 5th Lincoln and 2nd York Militia
A Compleat Roll of the 2nd flank Compy. Of 5th Lincoln Militia according to their first Establishment
A Roll of Capt. Andrew Kerby’s Company

Pay Lists

Partial list. 5th Lincoln Militia, from 25th December 1812 to 24th May 1813

Regimental Orders

Sept. 19, 20, 25, Oct. 20, 1809
From Fort Detroit. Jacob Kingsbury, Colonel, 1st Regt. Infy.


Return Lieut. Robert Young’s Company. First Haldimand Militia. June 4th, 1841

Permission to Travel

to Angus McAffee. Given at the Police Office, Montreal, 4th February, 1814


July 2, 1812. Angus McAfee to his wife Thamen McAfee
May 26. 1813. Samuel McAfee to Angus McAfee
June 10, 1813. John Vincent to Angus McAfee (copy of orders)Oct. 14, 1818. Angus McAfee to Colonels and other Officers of the late 5th Lincoln and 2nd York Militia (now the first and second Gore)
May 3, 1819. N. Coffin to Angus McAffee
May 24, 1836. ____ Nelles to Lieut. John A. Nelles
Oct. 10, 1867. A.W. Thompson to John A. Nelles
Feb. 6, 1903. Spectator to Justus A. Griffin. Enclosure from W.H. McAfee
Feb. 25, 1903. N.H. McAfee to Justus A. Griffin