Red Hill Creek Expressway Books: 1980-1981

Mountain East-West and North-South Corridor Study. Phase IV

Prepared for Delcan. Ltd.

Project H3236-G

May 30, 1980

R388.40971352 NOR CESH


Archaeological Survey and Heritage Resource Assessment. East-West/North-South Transportation Corridor. East Hamilton

DeLCan. DeLeuw, Cather, Canada. Ltd.

June 1980

R388.40971352 ARC CESH


Noise Impact Assessment regarding Mountain East-West and North-South Transportation Corridor

Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth

Prepared for Delcan by Valcoustics Canada Ltd.

October 1980

R388.40971352 NOI CESH


Geotechnical Investigation Proposed Red Hill Creek Freeway Escarpment Crossing Mount Albion Road, Hamilton, Ontario

Prepared for Delcan Ltd., Project H3402-G

November 27, 1980

R388.40971352 GEO CESH


The Red Hill Creek Issue

Glen Eker

University of Windsor


R363.700971352 EKE CESH


Red Hill Creek Valley - Proposed Recreation Master Plan

Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth.

Ecologistics Ltd.

January 1981

R352.94580971 RED CESH


Mountain East-West and North-South Corridor Study. Phase 4 - Functional Planning of Preferred Option. Report 4 of 4

September 1981

R388.40971352 HAM Vol. 4 CESH


Background Reports Red Hill Expressway Consolidated Hearing - Direct Comparison of Community Response to Road Traffic Noise and the Aircraft Noise

Fred L. Hall, Susan E. Birnie, S. Martin Taylor and John E. Palmer

Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Geography, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 70(6)

December 1981

CA3ONHWAO5 84 B167