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Spectator File Grey Cup. 1957-1973

Spectator negatives S File Grey Cup 1957 - 1973

1953 Ti Cats v Blue Bombers Grey Cup

1957 Grey Cup Game. Ham v Winnipeg

Nov. 28, 1959 Grey Cup Game. Ham v Winnipeg

1961 Grey Cup Game and Festivities

1961 Grey Cup Game

1962 Grey Cup. many negs missing re C.P. Toronto

1963 Ti-Cats Win Grey Cup

1964 Grey Cup

Nov. 1965 Pre Grey Cup File

1965 Ti Cats Winn Grey Cup

1967 Grey Cup Game - Parade. Ti Cat Winners and Festivities

1968 Grey Cup Festivities and Game. Ottawa v Calgary

Dec. 1, 1969 Grey Cup. Montreal. Ottawa v Sask. Sask wins

Nov. 2-, 1970 Grey Cup

Dec. 1972 #5 Grey Cup. Half Time Show

Dec. 1972 #6 Miss Grey Cup. Dinner L. Green. also Thors. Cheerleaders

Dec. #7 Hall of Fame. Grey Cup

1972 #8 1972 Grey Cup. After Parade downtown

Dec. 1972 #9 Grey Cup fans & cheerleaders

Dec. 1972 #10 Grey Cup. Christian Happening at Mac. Philharmonic at Mac

1973 Ottawa vs Edmonton. Ed. wins. Grey Cup 1973 at Toronto