Spectator File People. By last name

Spectator negatives S File People By last name

Athlone. Earl of Athlone. Former Gov. Gen of Canada

Bagnall. Anglican Bishop. Induction 1949

Banker-Bates, Mr. (Life Savers)

Bell, Mr. & Mrs. re burned ship Yarmouth Castle

Campbell, Mrs. Marjorie Freeman (authoress)

Clarke, Hon. Tom

Coulson, Helen Anderson. Communist Party member

Crerar, General

DeGangi, Rev. Mario. St. Enoch's Church. 1957

Farmer, Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Golden Wedding. Aug. 28

Gilmour, G.P. President McMaster University with family. 1946

Gougeon, Miss. (Women's Editor of Weekend Magazine)

Henderson, Nora Francis

Holbrook, Mrs.

Lawrence, Sam. Former Mayor of Hamilton

Lynch, Charles. Spectator, Ottawa

McCulloch, Harvey. Crown Attorney

McCullough, William (deceased) [McCulloch]

Montgomery, Viscount

Nichols, T. Old neg re kids in front of school

Nichols, T.E. (Hamilton Spectator publisher) also family

Nichols wedding. son of T.E. Nichols Ham Spec

Norman, Dr. E.H. Ambassador to Egypt. 1957

O'Hearn, Don. Spec correspondent. Mar. 1959

O'Neil, Mr.

Prime Minister. June 1953

Prince Akihito. April 1953

Prince Phillip

Princess Margaret Tour re Bob Hanley. 1955

Pritchard, Controller Ada

Queen Elizabeth. Coronation edition

Robinson, John E. (Magistrate) deceased

Scott, Barbara Ann

Sherring, Wm. Olympics. deceased [Dec. 8, 1964]

Skinner, Jimmy

Southam, Wm. J.

Southam, Mrs. W.J. (taken May 12 - 59) [75th birthday]

Taylor, J.J. (Henry Birks & Sons, Gen. Mgr)

Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew (liberal leader, Ont.) 1964

Treleaven, Judge

Tuchtie, Senior Magistrate Walter