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Spectator File Spectator Miscellaneous

nd Carrier Boys #1 [1950's?]

nd Carrier Boys #2 [1950's?]

nd Carrier Boys #3 [1950's?]

nd Carrier Boys #4 [1950's?]

Jan. 1, 1955 Twin Theatre Jamboree of Spectator Carrier Boys

Jan. - Feb. 1955 Spec Courier Boys

April 1955 Carrier Boys. New York

April 15, 1955 Carrier Boys - Buffalo April 15 Weekend 1955 Contest

April 2, 1961 Carrier Boys and Families tour Spec

nd CJSH. Radio Station. CJSH-FM

nd CJSH. Spectator Radio Station

nd Fresh Air Camp

nd Spectator Building #1

nd Spectator Building #2

1955 Spec Bowling

nd Spectator. Press & Pressroom. mechanical

Feb. 22, 1959 Spectator Open House

1961 Spectator Party. Children and grown-ups

May 29, 1964 The New Look at Hamilton Spectator

May 1969 Spectator Promotion. (Hopwood)

Oct. 1964 New Spec book

1963 Negs for new Spec Book