Spectator File By Title. A-Ch, Ci-E, F-K, L-Misc, Miss-P, Q-So, St-Z

Spectator negatives S File By Title A-CH

Abduction re M. Shuett. Small girl - Kilbride

Air Canada (CT)

Aldermen 1965

Art Pix - taken for Ian Vorres

Ancaster. Special File for Mr. Farmer - Old Buildings - Churches - Homes - In Hamilton Dundas and Ancaster. Girl Guides

Armed Forces (CT)

Art Gallery (CT)



Bishops & Ministers. Priests

Boy Scouts (CT)

Bridges & Highways. Buildings. Men Work on Buildings & Bridges (CT)

Buildings of Hamilton #1

Buildings of Hamilton #2

Burlington (CT)

Caledonia (CT)

Calendar for 71

Centennial Ham. Reprints. Aug. 6-11, 1913

Centennial Year (CT)

Chedoke Skiing. (CT)

Churches (CT)

Churches & Synagogues #1

Churches & Synagogues #2


Spectator negatives S File By Title Ci - E

City Hall also see Aerial File #2

City Hall & Board of Education [CT]

City of Hamilton Views [CT]

Civic Stadium [CT]

Clocks. re time at all hours

CNE Exhibition [CT]

Colored negs 1964. Prime Minister Pearson. John Diefenbaker

Confederation Park [CT]

Conservation Area [CT]

Costumes (Ethnic) & Others [CT]

Court House

Crests. Coat of Arms & Statues

Curling [CT]

District. Oakville-Trafalgar Elections

Dundas #1 [CT]

Dundas #2

Dundurn [CT]

Dundurn Castle #1

Dundurn Castle #2

Dundurn Castle #3 [CT]

Dundurn Castle #4 [CT]

Dundurn Castle #5

Easter [CT]

Economic Industrial development Haldimand & Norfolk County re Stelco 1968. May


Spectator negatives S File By Title F - K

Fall Scenes [CT]

Farm Scenes [CT]

Fashions & Models [CT]

Fire Department [CT]

Fire Halls

Firemen [CT]

Football #1 [CT]

Football #2 [CT]

Gage Park [CT]

General Dwight Eisenhower

General File. Important Men


Gov. Gen. Massey's Visit to Hamilton. June 25, 1958

Grand River [CT]

Greater Hamilton Centre. Goulds Men's Wear Centre

Greensville Public School [CT]

Gymnastics [CT]

Hallowe'en [CT]

Hamilton Harbour & Waterfront. Sailing & Ships. RHYC [CT]

Hamilton Jackson Square [CT] [construction]

Hamilton Police Department. negs identified

Hamilton Symphonic Orchestra [CT]

Hamilton Water Front. November 1958

Highways & Bridges also see aerial file. Some aerial shots west end entrance 1954

Hiking [CT]


Hospitals. also see Aerial File for Ont. and San

Hotels and Motels

Indians [CT]


John Diefenbaker

Kensington Market


Spectator negatives S File By Title L - Misc

Ladies & Flowers [CT]

Lakeland Beach and Pool [CT]

Lawn Bowling [CT]

Lester Pearson visits Ham. May 24-25/56

Letter Carriers. Postmen of Hamilton

Libraries #1

Libraries #2

Lion Safari

Lorreto Academy [sic]

McMaster #1 also see aerial file

McMaster Medical [CT]

McMaster University [CT]

Mmde. Pandit visits Ham. Jan. 1957

Miles for Millions [CT]

Miscellaneous negs [CT]

Miscellaneous negs all occasions [CT]

Mis. negs Old Files

Misc. Kids & Animals also Men and Girls & Boys [CT]

Misc. Kids & Animals. Men & Women. Boys & Girls [CT]


Spectator negatives S File By Title Miss - P

Miss Canada. Judging and ... Aug. 1 - ...

Miss Ti Cat [CT]

Monuments [CT]

Morgan's Store. Ladies Day. inside Store - Before Opening

Mosport [CT]

Municipal Councils 1955

Museums [CT]

Music (Orchestra) (Bands) [CT]

National & International [CT]

Navy manoeuvres Aug. 15

Niagara Falls #1

Niagara Falls #2 [CT]

Night Shots Refinery [CT]

Oak Island

Old Cars & Waggons

Old Homes in Hamilton

Old Negs. B & W

Old Riley House - Dundas

Old Steam Engines

Ontario Place [CT]

Ontario Reform Schools

Opening of New City Hall. Nov. 21

Parachutists [CT]

Parking Ramp and Old Market. also other markets

Parks & Falls

Parks & Gardens & Falls. Confed. Gage. Gore [CT]

Pix of Important Men from Old Files

Planetarium Toronto [CT]

Pollution Research at Burlg. Centre [CT]

Port Dover [CT]

Press Club

Prime Minister Pearson

Primo Soccer Players 1965

Princess Anne Reproduced

Princess Margaret. Lord Snowden and Family. Sept. 23/71 [CT]

P.C. Convention Ottawa (Hanley)

Prog. Consvr. Convention 1971 [CT]

Prominent Men #1

Prominent Men #2

Prominent Men & Women not identified

Prominent Women


Spectator negatives S File By Title Q - So

Queen Juliana

Queen Mother Visit to Woodbine [CT]

Queen Mother's Visit - June 1974 [slides]

Queen's Park Toronto. Parliament Bldg.

Queen's Visit to Canada. July 1959

Red Wings re Hockey [CT]

Rock Gardens

Rowing & Sailing [CT]

Royal Botanical Gardens [CT]

St. Patrick's Day [CT]

Saltfleet Band 1962


Science Fair 1966

Science Fair 1969

Science Fairs [CT]

Scouts 1955

Scouts & Guides [CT]

Shakespearean Festival. July 13, 1953

Ships & Welland Canal. Nonsuch - Ship [CT]

Shopping Centre. Henry Morgans

Shopping Centre. Preparations Oct. 19. Feature Oct. 24. St. John's Ambulance & Miniature Train Oct. 26. Electrical Man

Skiing & Toboganning [CT]

Shriners 1962

Soccer 1961

Soccer Aug. 1962

Soccer 1963

Soccer 1966

Sotheby's Auctioneer (from England)

Southam Report 1968


Spectator negatives S File By Title St - Z

Statues [CT]

Steel Company. Dofasco [CT]

Steel Company. Stelco [CT]

Steel Company of Canada 1959

Steel Company Strike (Aug. 12/58)

Stelco Strike Aug. 1966

Stewart Memorial Church Dec. 24/55

Stoney Creek & Saltfleet Councilmen

Stores Restaurants

Stratford [CT]

Stratford Festival 1957

Stratford Festival Cast

Strike at Docks 1962 May

Strike at Docks 1961 August

Summer Scenes [CT]

Terminal Towers Bldg.

Thanksgiving [CT]

Theatre. Plays & Productions [CT]

Theatre Audit. Model 1971 [CT]

Ti-Cat Bees, 1957 (Intermediate team)

Tiger Cubs Hockey - 1958

Tiger Cubs Hockey Players - 1959-60

Tommy Douglas - Premier of Saskatchewan

Toronto [CT]

Track meet at Armouries 1957

Track meet Armouries March 1962

Trick horses. Sept. 8. owned by Mike Sprung

Tucketts Tobacco Co.

United Appeal 1956

United Appeal 1957

United Appeal Campaign - 1958

United Appeal 1960

Veterans [CT]

Victoria Order of Nurses

Waterfront - Hamilton Dock

Water Skiing [CT]

Welland Canal. see aerial file March/60

Wentworth Drama Festival. published May 7/56

Women in Textile Plants. June 1956

Wooden Shoe

Xmas Scenery [CT]

Xmas Scenes [CT]

YMCA Camp "Wanakita"