Visiting Library Service

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Extending HPL Services

The Visiting Library Service (VLS) provides a wide range of library materials to Hamilton residents unable to get to a Library or make use of HPL’s services on their own.

HPL staff select materials based on needs and interests. All library materials may be borrowed. The service is convenient and free. Individuals can apply directly or have a relative, friend or social worker apply on their behalf.

To qualify individuals must:

  • Be homebound or institutionalized for three months or longer because of age, illness, frailty or caregiver responsibilities.
  • Be a Hamilton resident.

You can submit your application:

September 2020 Update

There are currently two options for service:

  1. Individuals Living at Assisted Living Facilities
    Monthly delivery service is available for individuals living at assisted living facilities with staff capacity to distribute library materials to their residents. If you are staff at an assisted living facility interested in this service, please contact us for more information. If you live at an assisted living facility and are wondering if your residence has signed up for this service, please encourage your staff to contact us for more information.
  2. Individuals Living Independently in the Community
    Library Mail Service is also available for individuals living independently, with capacity to collect and return library materials by mail. Contact us for more information.