Visiting Library Service

Senior reading a bookYour library makes house calls!

The Visiting Library Service provides a wide range of library materials to Hamilton residents who are unable to get out to the library or make use of its services on their own.

To qualify for our Visiting Library Service you must:

  • Be homebound or institutionalized for 3 months or longer because of age, illness, frailty or caregiver responsibilities.
  • Be a Hamilton Resident.

Our library staff select the materials based on your needs and interests. A Visiting Library Service volunteer, family member or friend delivers the materials to your door every 4 weeks and returns completed materials.

You may borrow:

  • Regular and Large Print Books
  • Paperbacks and magazines
  • Books in Other Languages
  • Music CDs
  • Books on CD and Playaways
  • Selected DVDs and Blu Rays
  • Daisy Books

The service is convenient and best of all it's free! You can apply yourself or have a relative, friend or social worker apply on your behalf.

You can submit your application:

Don't miss out on all the library has to offer!

For an application or to find out more, call 905-546-3200 ext. 3222 Monday to Friday 9-5.

Looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity? The Visiting Library Service is currently recruiting new volunteers.