War of 1812 - Collection Bibliography - B

Bancroft, George
History of The Battle of Lake Erie, and Miscellaneous Papers by Hon. George Bancroft.
Life and Writings of George Bancroft, by Oliver Dyer. With portrait and illustrations.
New York: Robert Bonner's Sons, 1891
246, 6
R973.5254 BAN CESC

Barbarities of the enemy...
United States. Congress. House of Representatives
Barbarities of the enemy...

Barnes, James 1866-
Naval Actions of the War of 1812.
New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1896
xiv, 263
Thibeault 10104
R971.053 B262 CESC

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Strange Stories of 1812...

Battle of Lundy's Lane. July 25, 1814.
An Appeal to British Canadians.
"Lundy's Lane," (Niagara Falls South) Ont.
Aug. 1887
[Broadside. appeal for funds for battlefield memorial]

Battle of New Orleans
January 8, 1815
British (Gen. Pakenham) Loss: Gen. Pak. & over 2,000 KD. & WD. American (Gen. Jackson) Loss 7 KD. & 6 WD.
Copyright 1890 by Kurz & Allison. Art Publishers, 76 & 78 Wabash Ave., Chicago
Map Cabinet II-6

The Battle of Stoney Creek: [scrapbook of clippings], ca 1873-
/ collected by the Hamilton Public Library, Local History & Archives.
Vol. 1 ca 1873-1949
Vol. 2 1950-
R971.034 BAT CESH

Beirne, Francis F 1890-
The War of 1812
[maps by Dorothy de Fontaine]
New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., 1949
Thibeault 10105
R971.053 B397 CESC [3 copies]

Benjamin. S.G.W.
Strange Stories of 1812...

Berton, Pierre 1920-
The Invasion of Canada: 1812-1813
Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, c1980
xi, 363, maps
R971.034 BER CESC

Berton, Pierre 1920-
Flames across the Border, 1813-1814
Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1981
492, ill., maps, ports.
R971.034 BER CESC

Biggar, Emerson Bristol 1853-1921
The Story of the Battle of Stoney Creek. (Typescript article from the Hamilton Spectator as published in the Spectator June '73. Hamilton, June 5th, 1889)
R971.053 B483 CESH [4 copies]

Black, Samuel -1814
Diary and Notes of War of 1812. edited by Robert E. Craver
Reprinted from Scioto Valley Scrap-Book.
Published privately: David K. Webb, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1947
R971.053 B561 CESC

[Black Hawk] [Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiak]
Life of Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiak or Black Hawk, Embracing the Tradition of His Nation - Indian Wars in Which He Has Been Engaged - Cause of Joining the British in Their Late War with America, and Its History - Descriptions of the Rock-River Village - Manners and Customs - Encroachments by the Whites, Contrary to Treaty -Removal from his Village in 1831. With an Account of the Cause and General History of the Late War, His Surrender and Confinement at Jefferson Barracks, and Travels through the United States.
Dictated by Himself.
J.B. Patterson, of Rock Island, Ill. Editor and Proprietor.
Boston: 1834

Blanchard, Amy E
A Loyal Lass. A Story of the Niagara Campaign of 1814.
by Amy E. Blanchard
Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill.
W.A. Wilde Company, Boston and Chicago.

Boucherville, Thomas Vercheres de
Vercheres de Boucherville, Thomas

Bowen, Abel (comp.) 1790-1850
The Naval Monument, Containing official and Other Accounts of all the Battles fought between the Navies of the United States and Great Britain During the Late War; and an Account of the War with Algiers, with Twenty-five Engravings. To which is annexed a Naval Register of the United States.
Boston: A. Bowen, 1816
xviii, 318
Howes 1080; Sabin 7045
R971.053 B675 CESW

Brackenridge, Henry Marie 1786-1871
History of the Late War; between the United States and Great Britain. Containing a Minute Account of the Various Military and Naval Operations.
Illustrated with plates.
Second Edition, Revised and Corrected.
Baltimore: Joseph Cushing, 1817.
xxiv, [25]-363
Howes 1106; Sabin 7163
R971.053 B725 CESC

Bradley, A.G. 1850-1943
Colonial Americans in Exile. Founders of British Canada
New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1932
1st edition
R971.024 BRA CESC

Bradley, Arthur Granville 1850-
The United Empire Loyalists. Founders of British Canada
London: Thornton Butterworth Ltd., 1832
[War of 1812: pp. 186-278]
R971.041 B728 CESC

Brymner, Douglas 1823-1902
Report on Canadian Archives 1896
Ottawa: S.E. Dawson, 1897
xxxii, 252, 79
[War of 1812: Anticipation of the War of 1812, pp. 24-75]
R971.01 C16 CESC

Brymner, Douglas 1823-1902
Report on Canadian Archives 1897
Ottawa: S.E. Dawson, 1898
xxiv, 329
[War of 1812: Note B. Claims for Losses 1812-1815. pp. 47-56 (1st group)]
R971.01 C16 CESC

Buffalo Historical SocietyPublications of the Buffalo Historical Society. Volume IX.
edited by Frank H. Severance
“Papers Relating to the Burning of Buffalo and to the Niagara Frontier Prior to and During the War of 1812.” pg. 309-406
Buffalo, N.Y.: Buffalo Historical Society, 1906
R974.79 BUF 1906 CESC

Bull, George Armstrong 1828-1909
Bull, George Armstrong
-scrapbook of clippings ca 1888 on the War of 1812
pg. 145-193
Archives File - Bull, George Armstrong

Bull, William Perkins 1870-1948
From Brock to Currie. The Military Development and Exploits of Canadians in General and of the Men of Peel in Particular. 1791-1930.
The Perkins Bull Foundation
Toronto: Geo. J. McLeod Ltd., 1935
xxiv, 772
[War of 1812: pp. 69-123, 543-557]
Watters pg. 472
R971 B873 CESC

Bunnell, David C 1793-
The Travels and Adventures of David C. Bunnell, During Twenty-three years of a sea-faring life; containing an accurate account of the Battle on Lake Erie, under the Command of Com Oliver H. Perry; together with Ten Years' Service in the Navy of the United States. Also Service Among the turks, &c. &c.
Written by Himself
Palmyra, New York: n.p., 1831
200 [half fold. front. missing]
Howes 1383; Sabin 9187; TPL 939
R971.0340924 BUNNE CESC

Burges, Hon Tristam 1770-1853
Battle of Lake Erie with Notices of Commodore Elliot's Conduct in that Engagement.
Boston: B.B. Mussey, 1839
xv, [17]-132
Lowes 1391; Lande 66; Sabin 9232; TPL 940
R971.053 B912 CESW

Butler, James 1755?-1842
American Bravery Displayed, in the Capture of Fourteen Hundred Vessels of War and Commerce, Since the Declaration of War by the President.
Compiled from the Best Authorities
Carlisle: Printed by George Phillips (for the author), 1816
xi, [12]-322, 8
Howes 1482; Sabin 9641
R971.053 B977 CESW

Butler, Nicholas Murray
Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science. Herbert B. Adams, Editor.
History is past Politics and Politics present History - Freeman
Fifth Series. VII
The Effect of the War of 1812 upon the Consolidation of the Union
Baltimore: Publication Agency of the Johns Hopkins University, July 1887
30, (12)
R973.521 BUT CESC