War of 1812 - Collection Bibliography - C

Caffrey, Kate
The Lion and the Union. The Anglo-American War. 1812-1815
London: Andre Deutsch, 1977
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Campbell, Maria
Revolutionary Services and Civil Life of General William Hull; Prepared from His Manuscripts, by his daughter Mrs. Maria Campbell: together with the History of the Campaign of 1812, and Surrender of the Post of Detroit, by his grandson, James Freeman Clarke.
New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1848
xx, [17]-482
Howes 1616; Sabin 10263
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Treaties and Agreements Affecting Canada In Force Between His Majesty and the United States of America with Subsidiary Documents. 1814-1925
Compiled in the Department of External Affairs
Ottawa: F.A. Acland, 1927
viii, 578
[War of 1812: pp. viii, 1-9 (Treaty of Ghent)]
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Canada. Department of Militia and Defence40 Victoria. Sessional Papers (No. 76) A. 1877. Militia Pensions. War of 1812-15. Department of Militia and Defence. Return for 1876-77. Statement showing the names of all veterans who have proved their rights to partake in the grant of $50,000 voted last session by Parliament in favor of militiamen of 1812-15, and the action taken in each case during the current financial year; also the names of all those who have applied for a pension and upon whose cases no decision has been given.
Printed by Order of Parliament.
Ottawa: Maclean, Roger & Co., Wellington Street, 1877
R971.034 CAN CESC

Canadian Veterans of the War of 1812. Edited with an introduction by Eric Jonasson
Winnipeg: Wheatfield Press, 1981
[includes lists which originally appeared in the Dominion Sessional Papers [Ottawa, 1875, Vol. 8, S.P. 25 pp. 1-15] [Ottawa, 1876, Vol. 9, S.P. 7, pp. 1-96)]
R971.034 CAN CESC

Canniff, William 1830-1910
History of the Province of Ontario, (Upper Canada) Containing a Sketch of Franco-Canadian History, - The Bloody Battles of the French and Indians, - The American Revolution, - The Settlement of the country by U.E. Loyalists, - Trials and Hardships Incident to Pioneer Life, - Thrilling Narratives of Adventures with Indians and Wild Beasts, - Struggles for the Establishment of Christianity and Schools, - Agriculture and Manufactures, - The War of 1812, - Battle Scenes, Capture of Buffalo, - Subsequent Growth and Prosperity of the Country, Including Biographies of Prominent First Settlers and the Census of 1871
Toronto: A.H. Hovey, 1872
xxxii, 672
Watters pg. 661
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Carey, Matthew 1760-1839
The Olive Branch: or, Faults on Both Sides, Federal and Democratic. A Serious Appeal on the Necessity of Mutual Forgiveness and Harmony. Seventh Edition, enlarged. "Faction is the madness of the many for the benefit of the few." "Frenzied be the head...palsied be the hand...that attempts to destroy the union." Gen. Eaton. " Truths would you teach...or save a sinking land: All fear...none aid you....and few understand." Pope" Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to DESOLATION." Matt.xxi.25. " In dissensione nulla salus conspicitur." Caesar " If we pay a proper regard to truth, we shall find it necessary not only to condemn our friends upon some occasions, and commend our enemies, but also to commend and condemn the same persons, as different circumstances may require: for as it is not to be imagined, that those who are engages in great affairs, should always by pursuing false or mistaken measures, so neither is it probable that their conduct can at all times be exempt from error." Polybius. " Neither the law of Christianity nor of Reason requires us to prostrate our national independence, freedom, property and honor at the feet of proud, tyrannical oppressors." Address of Rev. Dr. David Osgood, Mary, 1798."Watch those ungrateful souls who murmur about taxation and oppression-the burdens of government and religion. They have fellowship with our enemies. They are traitors to God and Christianity." Address by the Rev. Dr. Elijah Parish, July 4, 1799. " As citizens, we ought with one heart to cleave to and support our own government. It is a government of our own forming, and administered by men of our own choice." Sermon by Rev. Jedidiah Morse, May 9, 1798.
Middlebury Vt.: Printed and Published by William Slade, June.
January 1816
[With spurious Sir John A. Macdonald bookplate and rubber stamp]
Sabin 10877
R971.034 CAR CESC

Carr, Mrs. Henry James (comp.)
Index To Certified Copy of List of American Prisoners of War 1812-1815 as Recorded in General Entry Book Ottawa Canada. List of American Prisoners of War who died at Princetown, Dartmoor, England. 1812-1815.
Compiled by Mrs. Henry James Carr
Published by Association of State Presidents, Past and Present, and Charter Members, of the National Society, United States Daughters of 1812
R973.527 CAR CESC

Carroll, John
My boy Life, Presented in a Succession of True Stories, By John Carroll, D.D. "The Child is father to the man," Wordsworth A Book for Old or Young
Toronto: William Briggs, 1882
xii, 90, 8
[War of 1812: pg. 49-72]

Cases and Queries Submitted to Every Citizen of the United States...
Tracts and Facts as to the War of 1812(4)

Cass, Lewis 1782-1866
Life of General Lewis Cass: Comprising an Account of His Military services in the North-West During the War with Great Britain, His Diplomatic Career and Civil History. To which is appended, A Sketch of the Public and Private History of major-General W.O. Butler, of the Volunteer Service of the United States. With two Portraits.
Philadelphia: G.B. Zieber & Co., 1848
[3], viii, [11]-210, [2]
Sabin 11355
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Christie, Robert 1788-1856
A history of the Late Province of Lower Canada, Parliamentary and Political, From the Commencement to the Close of Its Existence as a Separate Province; Embracing a period of Fifty Years, that is to say: - from the erection of the Province, in 1791, to the extinguishment thereof, in 1841, and its reunion with Upper Canada. by act of the Imperial Parliament, in consequence of the pretensions of the Representative Assembly of the Province, and its repudiation, in 1837, of the Constitution, as by law established, and of the Rebellions to which these gave rise, in that and the following year; with a variety of interesting notices, financial, statistical, historical, & c. available to the future historian of North America, including a prefatory sketch of the Province of Quebec, Form the conquest to the passing of the Quebec Act, in 1774, and thence to its division, in 1791, into the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada; with details of the Military and Naval operations therein, during the late war with the United States, fully explaining also the difficulties with respect to the Civil List and other matters; tracing from origin to outbreak, the disturbances which led to the reunion of the two Provinces.
In Three Volumes. vol. II
Quebec: T. Cary & Co., 1848
iv, 396
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