War of 1812 - Collection Bibliography - D

Darnall, Elias
A Journal Containing An Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships, Sufferings, Battles, Defeat, and Captivity of Those Heroic Kentucky Volunteers and Regulars, Commanded by General Winchester, In the Years 1812-13. Also, Two Narratives, By Men that were wounded in the battles on the River Raisin, and taken captive by the Indians.
By Elias Darnall
Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo, and Co.,1854
Sabin 18602; TPL 943
R971.034 DAR CESC

Dartmoor Prison
A Representation of the Massacre of the American Prisoners in Dartmoor Prison April 6th 1815. Engraved by D.C. Hitchcock Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1845 by Jonas Preston, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Penna.
Map Cabinet II-6

Davidson, Ida H
Sir Isaac Brock and Laura Secord
Canadian History Plays. Vol. 5
Winnipeg: The Manitoba Text Book Bureau, 1929
R819.2 D282 CESC

Davis, Paris M
An Authentic History of the Late War between the United States and Great Britain, with a Full Account of Every Battle by Sea and Land: The Defection of General Hull, His Trial and Sentence; The Massacre at the River Raisin; the Destruction of the City of Washington; the Treaty of Peace in 1815. To which will be added, The War with Algiers, and the Treaty of Peace. The Treaties of Peace with the Various Tribes of North American Indians and the United States Army Register, and Peace Establishment.
New York: Ebenezer F. Baker, 1836
Howes 2654; Sabin 18875
R971.053 D296 CESC

DeCelles, Alfred Duclos 1843-1925
Les Etats-Unis. Origine - Institutions - Developpement.
Ottawa: n.p., 1896
xv, 437
[war of 1812: Chapt. XXVII]
Gagnon II 592
R973 D355 CESC

Denison, Lt.-Col. George Taylor 1839-1925
Soldiering in Canada. Recollections and Experiences.
London: Macmillan
Toronto: George N. Morang & Co., 1940
x, 364
[War of 1812: pp. 13-21]
R354.719 D416 CESC

Dieu et Mon Droit
Conversation qui eut lieu ces jours derniers entre un Canadien de la compagnie et un Canadien de la Ville.
Montreal: del l'Imprimerie de Brown, n.d.
TPL 4811 (xerox copy only of same volume)
R971.053 D568 CESW

Dieu et Mon Droit
A recent Conversation between a Country Canadian and a Town Canadian.
(Manuscript translation)
R971.053 D568a CESW

The Dispute with America, considered in a series of letters from a Cosmopolite to a Clergyman
London: A.J. Valpy [1812]
1, v-viii, 120
971.034 DIS CESC

Dobbins, Capt. W.W.
History of the Battle of Lake Erie (September 10, 1813) and Reminiscences of the Flagships "Lawrence" and "Niagara".
By Capt. W.W. Dobbins.
First Edition published by Ashby & Vincent
Erie Pennsylvania in the year 1876
Second Edition, Ashby Printing Company, Publishers Erie, Pennsylvania, 1913
R971.034 DOB CESC

Drake, Benjamin 1794-1841
Life of Tecumseh, and the brother The Prophet; with a Historical Sketch of the Sahwanoe Indians.
Cincinnati: H.M. Ruslison, Queen City Publishing House;
Philadelphia: Quaker City Publishing House, 1856
viii, (9)-235
Howes 2992; Sabin 20811
R970.92 T228d CESC

Drake, Samuel Gardner 1798-1875
The Book of the Indians; or, Biography and History of the Indians of North America, from its first discovery to the year 1841. Eighth edition, With large additions and Corrections.
Boston: Antiquarian Bookstore, 1841
xii, 48, 120, 156, 200, 16
[War of 1812: pp. 48-61; Tecumseh: pp. 120-141]
Sabin 20868
R970.1 D789k CESC

Dunlop, Dr.
Recollections of the American war. 1812-14. By Dr. Dunlop with a biographical Sketch of the Author by A.H. U. Colquhoun, of the Toronto New.
U.E. Series No. 3
Toronto: Historical Publishing co.,1905
An edition of 1,000 copies printed.
viii, 112
R971.034 DUN CESC

Dunlop, William 1792-1848
Recollections of the War of 1812. With a biographical Sketch of the Author by A.H.U. Colquhoun LL.D Deputy Minister of Education, Ontario. Second Edition, U.E. Series No. 3
Toronto: Historical Publishing Company, 1908
(750 copies printed)
sli, 112
R971.053 D921 CESC

Durand, Charles 1811-1905
Reminiscences of Charles Durand of Toronto Barrister.
Toronto: The Hunter, Rose Co. Ltd.,1897
xii, [9]-535
[War of 1812: Chapt. VI]
Watters pg. 494

Durand, James
James Durand. An Able Seaman of 1812. His Adventures on "Old Ironsides" and as an Impressed Sailor in the British Navy. Edited by George S. Brooks with a forward by Commander Herbert L. Satterlee. Published with the Cooperation of The Naval Order of the United States.
New Haven: Yale University Press;
London: Humphrey Milford: Oxford University Press,
sci, 139

Dwight, Theodore Jr. 1764-1846
History of the Hartford Convention: with a Review of the Policy of the United States Government, which Led to the War of 1812.
New York: N. & J. White;
Boston: Russell, Odiorne & Co., 1833
447 (plus newspaper clipping Chicago Tribune, Jan. 4, 1914 on Thomas Macdonough)
Howes 3137; Sabin 21537; TPL 982
R971.053 D967 CESC