War of 1812 - Collection Bibliography - G

Geary, Robert William (comp.) 1859-1933
The Centenary Celebration of the Battle of Lundy's Lane. July Twenty-fifth Nineteen Hundred and Fourteen.
Niagara Falls, Ont.: Lundy's Lane Historical Society, 1919
R971.053 L972c CESC

Geary, Robert William (Comp.) 1859-1933
Historical Sketches. A Memorial of the Hundredth Anniversary of the War of 1812-14.
Welland, Ont.: Lundy's Lane Historical Society, 1912
R971.053 G262 CESC (2 copies)

Gellner, John (ed.) 1907-
Recollections of the War of 1812. Three Eyewitnesses' Accounts. Originally Published between 1828 and 1854. Reprinted in a Numbered Limited Edition by Baxter Publishing Company, 228 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Canada. #150
Toronto: Baxter Publishing Co., 1964
x, 153
Thibeault 10134
R971.053 R245 CESC

George, Noah J.T.
A Concise and Brief Journal of the late War with Great- Britain, to which as added a short account of the war with Algiers. The whole interspersed with Topographical and Statistical Tables, and Plans of Battles. Also a Military and Naval Chronological Table of the Events of others Nations, Compiled Chiefly from Official Documents. ca 1813
Howes 3969
R971.034 GEO CESC

Gerson, Noel
Mr. Madison's War. 1812: The Second War for Independence. maps by Barry Martin.
New York: Julian Messner, 1967 (2nd printing)
R973.52 GER CESC

Gleig, George Robert 1796-1888
A Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans, under Generals Ross, Pakenham, and Lambert, in the Years 1814 and 1815; with some account of the countries visited. By an officer who served in the expedition.
Superanda omnis fortuna ferends est. - Virg.
London: John Murray, 1821
ii, 377, 1
Howes 4071; TPL 1048
R971.053 G482 CESW

Gleig, George Robert 1796-1888
A Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans, under Generals Ross, Pakenham, and Lambert, in the Years 1814 and 1815; With Some Account of the Countries Visited. By the Author of "The Subaltern" Second Edition.
Superanda Omnis Fortuna Ferendo Est. - Virg.
London: John Murray, Albermarle-Street, MDCCCXXVI
[4], 377
Sabin 27568, TPL 1048
R971.034 GLE CESC (ALS tipped in; Port Tipped in)

Gleig, George Robert 1796-1888
A Subaltern in America; Comprising His Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army, At Baltimore, Washington, & c., & c., During the Late War. In One Volume
Philadelphia: E.L. Carey & A. Hart, Chestnut Street;
Baltimore: Carey, hary & Co., 1833
Sabin 93347; TPL 1016
R971.034 CLE CESC

Godfrey, John M
The Story of Lundy's Lane
(Source unidentified), n.d.
R971.034 G543 CESC

Great Britain. Adjutant General's Office
Rules and Regulations for the Formations, Field-Exercise, and Movements of His Majesty's Forces. War Office, Printed; and sold by T. Egerton, at the Military Library, Whitehall, 1812.
xxiii, 399, 16 fold. plates.,(6) ads.
[Sears Collection. Carver Memorial Library, Searsport Main. Shelf no. 355R
Acc. No. 104]
R356.1840942 GRE CESC

Great Britain. Treaties, etc. United States
All the Treaties between the United States and Great Britain; from the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Signed at Paris, 1798; to the Treaty of Peace, Signed at Ghent, 1814. Published by order of The House of Representatives of Massachusetts.
Boston: E.G. House, 1815
Sabin 775
R971.034 GRE CESC

Green, Billy (The Scout)
Guthrie, William

Green, Ernest
Lincoln at Bay. A Sketch of 1814.
Welland, Ont. Tribune-Telegraph Press, 1923
R971.053 G821 CESC

The Green Family Of Saltfleet (scrapbook)
35 (Plus addenda in back pocket)

Griffin, Justus Alonzo 1846-1925
Anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Beaver Dams, June 24, 1914, at Thorold, Ontario.
R971.034 G875 CESH

Guthrie, William
A New Geographical, Historical, and Commercial Grammar...The Thirteenth Edition, Corrected and Improved. Dublin: John Exshaw, 1794
[Enclosed note reads: A very old leather-covered Grammar published about 1794. Written on the backs of Maps in this book is a copy S.D. Slater's diary including the story told by Billy Green of his experience at the battle of Stony(Sic) Creek. Donated by W. E. Corman (came to us from the Hamilton Scientific Assoc. 1938]
-Diary is opposite pp. 117, 149, 571
Archives File Slater, S.D.