War of 1812 - Collection Bibliography - O

[O'Connor, Thomas] 1770-1855
An Impartial and Correct History of the War Between the United States and Great Britain; Declared by a Law on Congress, June 18, 1812; and included by a ratification and exchange of a Treaty of Peace, at the City of Washington, Feb. 17, 1815. Comprising a Particular Record of the Events produced during the contest. Including the following Important Documents.
1. The President's Message to Congress of 1st June, 1812
2. The Report of the Committee of Foreign Relations of 3rd June, 1812
3. The Act declaring War between the United States and Great Britain
4. The Treaty of Peace.
5. Niles' List of Prizes, Captured during the War.
6. The Treaty of Peace of 1783
Carefully Compiled from Official Documents.
Belfast: Reprinted by Joseph Smyth, 1816
vi, [7]-300
Howes 7522; Sabin 56658
R971.053 Oc5 CESC

Osgood, David 1747-1822
A Solemn Protest against the Late Declaration of War, in a Discourse, delivered on the Next Lord's Day after the Tidings of it were received. By David Osgood, D.D. Pastor of the Church in Medford.
Cambridge: Hilliard and Metcalf, 1812
Gagnon II 1552; Sabin 57778; TPL 912
R971.034 OSG CESC