FAQs: Online Library Card Registration

Fill in form, confirm email, borrow.

Why is Hamilton Public Library adding online library card registration?
Hamilton Public Library wants to offer all Hamiltonians the opportunity to connect and use Library resources – online and in person.

Who can apply for a library card online?
Anyone who lives, works or studies in Hamilton is eligible for a library card.

How can someone apply for a library card online?
You need to fill out the Online Library Card Registration form
Please fill out the form with all the necessary information. The form is available under My HPL located on the upper right of the website. Online library card registration will be one of the drop-down options under My HPL. 
The form can also be found in the Get A Library Card page on hpl.ca.

What can I access once I get my online library card number?
You can immediately enjoy all our digital content — eBooks, eAudiobooks, download music, online learning tools and research databases.

Can I borrow physical items with an online HPL card?
Yes, Members can use their online card to borrow physical items in-branch. You’ll be asked to show identification when it’s your first time borrowing physical items.

Can I use the online HPL card to get into Hamilton Civic Museums?
Library card holders can use their Library card to enter Hamilton Civic Museums. Each person needs their own card. Stay up-to-date on the list of Hamilton Civic Museums that are open.

I already have a Hamilton Public Library card. Do I need an online library card number to access HPL’s digital content?
No. Your current library card number already has access to all HPL digital content. Simply log in with your existing library card number and PIN.

Can I apply for my child’s card online?
Yes. For children under 14, a parent or guardian must consent and complete the electronic application form.

Can I add the name of someone else who can have access to my account?
No, however, they can apply for their own card online.

I tried to apply online and it keeps giving me error messages.
Some of the possible reasons for the errors are IP addresses outside of Canada, an already existing account, misspelt street names, etc. There is usually a red circle with a question mark inside beside the field that is generating the error. Hovering over the red circle will explain the error. If the error persists, please call 905-546-3200, email askus@hpl.ca or click the chat button at hpl.ca.

I prefer to receive mail at a different address. Can I put my mailing address in the online library card registration form?
Sorry. We need your home address in the application to confirm that you live, work or study in Hamilton.

Why can’t the form confirm my address?
Some new addresses and apartment addresses can’t be verified by databases. If this is the case, visit any library branch and talk to staff. You can also call 905-546-3200, email askus@hpl.ca or click the chat button at hpl.ca.

I’ve lost my online HPL card. What should I do?
Call 905-546-3200, email askus@hpl.ca or click the chat button at hpl.ca if you need help. Or bring valid ID to any HPL branch where staff can help. 

I applied for an online HPL card but didn’t receive the welcome email.
Your security settings may be blocking the email. Please check your spam/junk mail folder.

Can I get an online HPL card to replace a lost or stolen card?
No. Please contact the Library immediately to report your lost or stolen card. Call 905-546-3200, email askus@hpl.ca or click the chat button at hpl.ca You need to replace it in person at any HPL branch.

Can I purchase a non-resident library card online?
Not currently. We are hoping to offer this soon. Please visit any HPL branch to get a physical non-resident library card.