cartoon image of a boy wearing a wizard hat and text Magnus Cards A free app to help learn life skills

What is the MagnusCards app?

The MagnusCards app is a free accessibility tool available at Hamilton Public Library. This app is designed to assist library members needing more personalized, step-by-step guidance to complete everyday library activities by themselves. The app uses photos and simple instructions to guide members through essential activities while at the library.

How can this app help me?

HPL’s MagnusCards will help you with five specific tasks at the library.

  1. Getting a library card
  2. Using the library’s computer catalogue
  3. Finding library material on the shelf
  4. Checking out library materials
  5. Returning library materials

Tasks are completed one at a time by following the step-by-step instructions on each card in a single deck.

Where can I find the MagnusCards app?

Download the MagnusCards app to your mobile device or tablet by visiting the App Store or Google Play. Once the app has been downloaded to your device, search for Hamilton Public Library to find all five card decks and activities.

Need more help?

Talk to our Library staff. They can help answer your questions and provide additional assistance. If you do not have a device, borrow one from the library or use a hard copy of these card decks, available at each Branch.

About Magnusmode & MagnusCards

For more information about Magnusmode, the creator of the MagnusCards app, visit