OGS Collection Family Histories

NASH A Family Chart (00550)

NELLES Andrew Nelles - A New Canadian 1798 (00551)

NELLES Nelles Association News. Vol. XIII (Newsletters) (00552)

NEWELL William Newell Descendancy Chart - East Flamborough (00553)

NOLLES Willem Nolles, Ancestor of Nelles & Nellis Families of North America (00554)

NUNN Nunn Genealogy - Descendants of William & Mary Jenney Nunn of Dundas (00555)

O’DELL/BAER Twelve Families. R929.2 ODE CESR ((00374)

OLIVER From Crook to Chaplain. John W. Oliver. 1888-1979 (01715)

O'NEILL International Gathering of Clan (00683) [Missing Apr. 2002]

PAISLEY The Journal of the Paisley Family Society. 1997-1998 (02165)

PANGBURN The Pangburn Letter. Sept. 1989- March 1999 (00556)

PATTERSON Patterson and Related Families in Beverly Township (02332)


PAYZANT A Passion for Survival: The True Story of Marie Anne and Louis Payzant in Eighteenth-century Nova Scotia (02470)

PENTLAND Pentland Family History. Descendants of Alex Pentland and Eliz Wilson (02072)

PIRIE/MCPHERSON History of the Pirie/McPherson Families (00557)

POTTRUFF Pottruff Genealogy. 1760-1978 (00558)

POTTRUFF Pottruff Genealogy. 1760-1978 - Index (00559)

PRIDMORE Leonard Pridmore 1833-1914 & Marg. Grogan 1840-1914, Family Records (00560)

PRIEST Descendants of Thomas Priest (00561)

PRITCHARD Pritchard Family (of Pritchard/Andrews Engraving) (00562)

PRUDHAM The Prudham Family - A Records of Pioneer Days (00563)

PSUTKA Psutka Family Tree, Vol. 1. 1981 (00564)

REAMAN The Reaman Family History. Vaughan Township (00565)

REESOR The Reesor Family in Canada - 1804-1980 (00566)

REICHHELD Your Reichheld Heritage - Descendants of Nicolaus & Anna (00567)

RENNIE The Rennie Family History. Clippings, etc. (00568)

ROBERTSON Scotch Line, Granny’s Tale, Cobourg Star (00569)

RODGERS Agnes & James Allan Family Tree. Index. Birthday Book (00570)

ROREX Rorex Genealogy (00571)

ROSE Biography of Four Generations of Roses. Hugh of Balnuarin Scotland to Colin H. of Chatham, Ont. (00572)

ROSE Rose Family Association Newsletter (00573)

ROSENBERGER Rosenberger. A Family History. 1891-1970 (00574)

RUDY Rudy and Related Families. Records & Letters (00575)

RUDY see also STAGER

RUNDLE Cornwall to Ontario: A Rundle Family History (02386)

RYMAL Rymal Family 1684-1996 & Pedigree Charts. Binder (00576)

RYMAL Rymal Family History. Letter from H.J. Buttery (00577)

RYMAL History of the Ancestors and Descendants of William Rymal, UEL (1759-1852) Who Settled on Hamilton Mountain in 1788 (02423)