War of 1812 - Collection Bibliography - C

Citizen Soldiers of North Point...
[Hickman, N., ed.]

Clarke, James Freeman
William Hull and The Surrender of Detroit. A Biographical Sketch taken, with few omissions, from the volume "Memorial and Biographical Sketches" by James Freeman Clarke. Together with extracts from Letters from the Appendix in the Volume "General Hull's Military and Civil Life"
Boston: Press of Geo. H. Ellis Co.,1912
R971.0340924 HULL

Cleaveland, John
A Discourse Delivered on the Day of National Humiliation and Prayer, August 20, 1812. By John Cleaveland, A.M. Pastor of the North Church in Wrentham.
Boston: Printed by Samuel T. Armstrong, No. 50 Cornhill, 1812

Casselman, Alexander Clark
Richardson, Major John

Channing, William Ellery 1780-1842
A Sermon, Preached in boston, July 23, 1812, The Day of The Publick Fast, appointed by the executive of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in consequence of The Declaration of War Against Great Britain.
By William Ellery Channing Minister of the Church in Federal Street.
Published at the request of the Hearers.
Boston: Greenough and Stebbins, 1812
Gagnon II 387; Sabin 11919; TPL 890
R971.034 CHA

Clift, G. Glenn
Notes on Kentucky Veterans of the War of 1812.
Anchorage, Kentucky: Borderland Books, 1964
R973.52469 CLI CESC

Cobbett, William 1762-1835
Letters on the Late War between the United States and Great Britain: together with Other Miscellaneous writings on the same subject.
New York: J. Belden and Co., 1815
vii.407{plus on back fly-leaf, a pasted-in article from the National Intelligencer, July 29 of the men who were impressed aboard the Chesapeake, Jan. 7, 1807.
Gagnon I 917; Howes 2044; Sabin 13889; TPL 1040
R971.034 COB

Cobbett, William 1762-1835
Life of Andrew Jackson, President of the United States of America
by William Cobbett, P.P. for Oldham
New York: Harper & Brothers - 82 Cliff Street, 1834
viii, [9]-196,[20] ads.
Sabin 13891
R971.0340924 JACKS

Cobbett, William 1762-1835
The Pride of Britannia Humbled; or, the Queen of the Ocean Unqueen'd, "By the American Cock Boats," Or, "The Fir built Things, with bits of Striped Bunting at their Mast heads." -(As the Right Hon. Mr. Canning, in the british Parliament, called our American Frigates.) Illustrated and Demonstrated By Four Letters Addressed to Lord Liverpool on the Late American War. By William Cobbett, Esq. Including a Number of his other most Important Letters, and arguments, in Defence of The American Republic. To which is added, A Glimpse of the American Victories, on Land, on the Lakes, and on the Ocean. With Persuasive to Political Moderation. Most respectfully addressed to the Persons composing the two great Parties in the United States in general, and to the politicians of Connecticut and Massachusetts, in Particular.
A New Edition.
Philadelphia: William Reynolds, 1815
Howes 2050; Sabin 14011
R971.034 COB

Coffin, William Foster 1808-1878
The War, and Its Moral: A Canadian Chronicle.
Montreal: John Lovell, 1864
Gagnon I 924; Lande 143; Howes 2073 "of negligible value";Sabin 14190; Thibeault 10114; TPL 6090; Watters p. 864
R971.053 C654

Coggeshall, George 1784-1861
History of the American Privateers and Letters-of-Marque, During our War with England in the Years 1812, '13 and '14. Interspersed with our Several Naval Battles Between American and British Ships-of-War.
In One Volume, Illustrated. Second Edition, Revised, Corrected and Enlarged, with Additional Notes and Explanations.
New York: Published by and for the Author, 1856
1v, 482
Howes 2074; Sabin 14194
R971.053 C656[Witton]

A Compendious Account of the Late War to Which is Added the Curious Adventures of Corporal Samuel Stubbs (a Kentuckian of 65 Years of Age)
Heartman's Historical Series No. 5. Ninety-Nine copies printed for Chas. Fred. Heartman. New York City.
#45 of 99
New York: Chas. Fred. Heartman,n.d.
Howes 2188
R971.053 C738 (Witton)

A Complete List of American Navy; Showing the Name, number of Guns, Commander's names, and Station of each Vessel, with the names of all the Officers in service, for October, 1813; and Steel's List of the Navy of Great Britain, for July, 1813.
Boston: n.p., 1813
Sabin 15059
R359.30973 COM CESC

Conant, Thomas 1842-1905
Upper Canada Sketches
Toronto: William Briggs, 1898
(War of 1812: Capts. IV,V)
Watters p. 865
R971.3 C742 CESC

Cooper, James Fenimore 1789-1951
The Battle of Lake Erie: or Answers to Messrs. Burges, Duer, and Mackenzie.
Cooperstown: H. & E. Phinney, 1843
iv, (5)-118
Howes 2281, Sabin 16415, TPL 942
R971.053 C786 (Witton)

Cooper, James Fenimore 1789-1851
The History of the Navy of the United States of America.
In Two Volumes.
London: Richard Benley, 1839
xii, 558
(War of 1812: Vol. II pp. 134-558)
Howes 2283; Sabin 16442
R359 Coo (Witton)

Costello, F. H.
On Fighting Decks in 1812. by F. H. Costello. Author or "Master Ardick, Buccaner," "Under the Rattlesnake Flag," etc. Illustrated by S. Steeple Davis.
Boston: Dana Estes & Company, Publishers, n.d.
385; 8 plates
R971.034 COS CESC

Coxe, Trench
An Examination of The Conduct of Great Britain, Respecting Neutrals. "The ardour, with which the British ministry embarked in the war against France, was presently manifested by, perhaps, the most extraordinary proceeding, that ever appeared upon record; and this was to force the neutral powers to unite in the combination to crush the French republic."
(British annual register of 1783)
Philadelphia: Printed by B. Graves, No. 40 North Fourth-Street, 1807

Creighton, Luella Sanders (Bruce) 1901-
Tecumseh. The Story of the Shawnee Chief. Great Stories of Canada.
Toronto: Macmillan, 1965
R970.92 T228c CESC

Cruikshank, Ernest Alexander 1854-1939
The Battle of Lundy's Lane. 1814. An address Delivered Before the Lundy's Lane Historical Society October 16th, 1888.
Second Edition
Welland, Ont: Lundy's Lane Historical Society, 1891
R971.053 C888L2 CESC