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Desjardins Canal Disaster

The examination of the papers and letters of the deceased

Desjardins Canal disaster, 1857
The people living in the vicinity of the broken bridge, hunting around the ruins for the dead and wounded. (Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 4 April 1857: 272)

This was little less melancholy than the recognizing their dead bodies. In the pocket of one would be found letters from his wife and children, wishing him home, and sorrowing for his absence. Another died with daguerreotypes on his breast of those he loved most on earth. A mother's letter was found in this one's pocket, asking relief, and saying she was ill. The money for relief was found side by side with the letter. Another's name was learned by the letters of those who loved him. And yet another was hurrying home to console the sick or the dying. Such were some of the incidents.